Capital Sports is a blog that keeps up with sports and all other major events and new places around Raleigh. It is something that will keep up with new trends as well as up to date with the sports teams around!

Why is it important?

Keeping up with the sports around Raleigh (The capital) is something that is necessary. How could you miss out on the sporting events going on in Raleigh?

The Hurricanes are making the playoffs, NC State making a push in the ACC in men’s basketball, as well as NC State attempting to make the College World Series in the first time in Program Baseball History!×432/cut.png

Fun Fact

The Carolina Hurricanes won the team’s only Stanley Cup Title in 2006, and hope to do it again this year with another strong playoff push.

Who am I?

I am a current collegiate athlete who lives in Raleigh, so this blog is something that I, and many other people like me is something that is very relevant to the things going on in our lives. This has a very deep connection to me because going to sporting events is something that I thoroughly enjoy and something that all collegiate athletes should enjoy

What to expect

In this blog you should expect anything Raleigh sports related, and any trendy event going on in the area. It is something that will keep you up to date and you will be able to know the in’s and out’s of the sports / pop culture world in Raleigh.

Readers should all attend a game this year whether it be the Hurricanes, NC State, or even a William Peace baseball game!

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